Special Live Webinar

Beyond Privacy

"How To Own Your Data & Manage Your Digital Life."

Date & Time

Thursday, October 15th @ 3:00 pm MST

Hosted By

Digital Rights Expert Michael Proper

You're Only One Step Away From

OwningYour Data & Managing Your Digital Life

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Here's Why Owning Your Data

Is Such A Big Deal


Let's face the facts. Your personal data is yours. You should own it. But right now, as you're reading this very paragraph, companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple are using your data to market products to you and manipulate your decisions.

Data privacy and ownership isn't important because you have something to hide, rather it’s because what you are giving away is incredibly valuable and you're doing it unknowingly.

When you truly own your personal data, you decide what to give away, what to keep for yourself, and what you want to see and be exposed to online. In short, you control everything about your online experience and aren't manipulated by nefarious desires and commercial objectives of others.

A Word From Your Host

I've been working hard preparing for this webinar and know that it's going to be one of the most eye-opening and empowering webinars you've been on. The reason I can make such a bold guarantee is because I've dedicated my entire life to understanding this complex problem as well as finding powerful solutions for families.

Besides shining a light on the dark underbelly of the world's current data and privacy crisis, I'm going to teach about a myriad of easy-to-implement solutions for the entire family about how to own your personal data and go from vulnerability to complete control with your digital footprint.

It is your right to do this, for you and your family.- Michael